The GiveBox * Sharing is Caring

A Givebox is like a nice cupboard where people can put out stuff they don’t need anymore that others can take. It’s just like that.

The intention behind these Giveboxes are that they encourage neighborhood communicating and exchanging and much more.

The Specifics

We like to use the funds to get the Materials we need to build the first prototype in SF.

We will check on this routinely, to keep this temporary space beautiful, clean and full of non-perishable and nice items that others may appreciate.. .. but encourage the people to look after the Box as well.

The plan is to build big and small Giveboxes and install them all over and tell the people, that anyone anywhere can build one 🙂

The Givebox project was started in Germany & is already famous in Germany and the experience with them has been positive. People love it! The original site is all in German but have a look anyway:



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